Wheatnbrook Kennels
this is from one of owners that has
two of my wheatens, " it really is hard
to have just one!"

"He is a joy, I didn't know how
attached one could get to a puppy"

"I call him my therapy dog and he
gets me through the rough days"

"He is admired by all who meet him"

"She is a darling little girl, she is
calm, with lots of spirti and good
nature, we just love her"

"We are ever grateful for this dog"

"We love him very much, he is very
smart, thanks alot for raising such a
nice dog"

"She has added so much to our
family, and she is spoiled rotten and
the sweetest dog ever"

"He has exceeded all of our
expectations and we love him dearly"
Comments  received over
the years from some of my
puppy homes.......