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Is a wheaten right for you?
You should research the
breed prior to making a
Buy from a Reputable
A reputable breeder will offer
you years of advice and
support if needed. They will
have completed health
testing, and have knowledge
of the health in their
The soft coated wheaten terrier is originally from
Ireland.  This terrier was used as a ratting dog on
farms in Ireland. The soft coated wheaten terrier is
part of the "Terrier Group" and is a recognized
breed by  the CKC and the AKC.
The coat on the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is
said to be hypo-allergenic.  They are a
non-shedding dog, however they do require regular
grooming to keep from matting.
If you are considering purchasing a soft coated wheaten terrier, please remember
these dogs will hopefully be living with you for a very long time.  Owning a pet is a
large responsibility.  They will love you unconditionally, but will require a
commitment of time to train them properly, care for their coat and health and
exercise them regularly.   If you are ready for this commitment please contact a
reputable breeder. .
Generally speaking this dog has very few health problems.  One of the main
concerns in wheatens are kidney disorders, specifically PLE/PLN.  If you are
interested in this breed you should discuss the health concerns in this breed with
your breeder.
The Wheaten Terrier
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