Watch for these Wheatnbrook
puppies starring in firehouse Dog
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Currently in production the movie Firehouse Dog is expected to hit the big screen in January
2007.  Ellie's puppies above are the little stars used when Rexxx the Firehouse Dog (actually an
Irish Terrier) reflects on his life as a puppy.  The film crew were having difficulty locating a litter of
Irish Terriers and called us to see if they could use our litter of wheaten puppies.  

One of the two boys pictured above is Rexxx and all but the black masked girl  (who they labelled
Trouble) star in the film.  Trouble refused to stay put for the filming.  It was quite an experience,
many vans of film crews, cameras etc. descended upon us.  Special thanks to Mary VanReenan
Ellie's co-owner who was very patient with the whole ordeal. We refused to bring the puppies to
Toronto to be filmed so the crew came to us. The director had just left Tory Spelling and flew into
the Sarnia Airport to meet up with the rest of the crew.  

Ursula Brauner, animal trainer for Boone's Animals for Hollywood originally contacted us, Ursula is
fantastic with the puppies and dogs, she was on-site for the entire filming and brought with her a
company that monitors temperatures (due to all the lighting for the filming, it was quite warm) of the
room and frequently would stop the filming to ensure the puppies were all doing well and were not
too warm.  We have no idea how much of the puppies will actually be seen in the film, it is our
understanding that they will be in a fire, this of course is all accomplished through the technical
advances in filming.
Stars of Wheatnbrook Kennels